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BGR’s long awaited mixtape is finally here.  This 17 track game changer (with 2 Bonus tracks) proves the hype surrounding this East London MC is more than deserved.  Since signing with the label her career has gathered strength, Ronster has been nominated for an award, made her debut appearance on SBTV and featured a number of strong singles.

Ronster has released her second video (from the Red ‘N’ Black - Rouge Edition - mixtape) Ali Bomaye feat Karl Hinds. The video which premiered on ill Flava’s YouTube Channel is available to view now. WATCH HERE

BGR - Her debut appearance on SBTV was (for many people) her introduction to the game.  WATCH HERE

Karl Hinds - This is Karl’s debut appearance on SBTV and his first filmed interview for many years. Hinds speaks on influences, inspiration and his longevity.  WATCH HERE


             1. BGR
                 Red N Black

                 Free Mixtape
           (Digital Download)

             2.  Karl Hinds
                  Black Timing

                  Free Mixtape
             (Digital Download)

             3. Karl Hinds
           (Digital Download)

             4. Karl Hinds feat                  Skinnyman
                  Let's Av It
            (Digital Download)

             5. Karl Hinds
                 Don Gramma